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in XXL boilermaking -  : production


production phase

The implementation of the usual process and method of operating, constitutes formal work instructions and a qualification which obtained the support of the quality service..

Guerton is specialized in XXL boilermaking and masters all welding processes (TIG, MIG, MAG) compatible with NF EN ISO 4063 (O2/2011) norms.

  • N° 121   Automatical welding under solid flow : 
    with under flow arc (in powder) with a single wire, submerged arc welding with a single electrode wire
  • N°141   Manual and orbital TIG welding (automatical) : 
    with contribution wire. Shielded metal-arc welding with tungsten electrode and contribution wire
  • N°131   MIG Welding : 
    with electrode wire fuse. Welding arc under protection of inert gas
  • N°135   MAG Welding : 
    with electrode wire fuse. Arc welding under protection of active gas

Guerton achieves welding inspections according to the AFNOR normsor according to the customer technical specifications.



Oxycutting is realized on a 3x14 meters bench, for products of a maximum 200 mm thickness.


DAVI roller :  for rolling up to 3 000 mm wide, thickness from 4 to 70 mm.

Smooth roller : for rolling up to 3 000 mm wide, thickness up to 30 mm.


Guerton uses a strips reloading bench following the inox electroslageen deposit process 308/309 but also inconel 625.


Guerton can support the necessary logistics to transport your XXL boilermade pieces.

On-site assembly

Guerton teams put their expertise for their customers as for on-site assembly of the pieces produced.