Guerton is an expert
in manufacturing bulk products
storage equipment


The company produces one-piece cylindro-conical shape silos: 20 to 450 m3 – to Ø 5000

Guerton is a recognized expert in design and manufacture of bulk products storage equipment.

In its Bonneval factories, Guerton provides a complete service in XXL boilermaking.. Guerton design standard one-piece cylindro-conical silos, adapted to customer’s need. These silos can be made in carbon steel, inox or aluminium and they are guaranteed up to 10 years.

The organisation of the production enables Guerton to provide its customers an immediate reactivity in terms of production delays as well as costs.


Guerton provides study, designing, manufacturing, shipping and setting of the following storage silos:  

  • 20 to 450 m3 manufactured one-pieces silos in carbon steel, inox or aluminium (bushel type, terrace type, fully skirted type)
  • Standards silos allowing competitive prices, shorter manufacturing delays, with harmonisation of the equipment and spare parts.
  • Taylor made silos design made upon request
  • On site silos’s assembly over 450 m3
  • Interior and exterior surface treatment, epoxy, polyurethanol or zinc metallization. 2 to 10 years offered guarantee.

In order to provide a full service, Guerton supplies equipped silos, upon needs, filters, valves, level probe, weighing system or else. 

These silos can be provided
with the following equipment : 

  • Filtration
  • Valve
  • Level probe, temperature probe etc…
  • Pneumatic power pipe
  • Explosion blowhole
  • Weighing (with earthquake safety system)
  • Electric tracing and insulation completed at the factory prior shipping
  • Locksmithing (compatible to the latest standards in form)

Bushel type silos

264 m³ - Ø 5000
Cement storage
78 m³ - Ø 2900
& 128 m³ - Ø 3760

Terrace type silos

Cereals storage (wheat, barley...)
76 m³ - Ø 2800
Sand, cement,
64 m³ - Ø 3200

Fully skirted type silo

Smelting plant sand
200 m³ - Ø 4300
57 m³ - Ø 2800