Guerton has
several certifications
recognizing its expertise


our certifications

Guerton has always been engaged into design and production of very high quality boilermaking equipment.

ISO 9001 certification  :

Guerton quality management system is in accordance est conforme à la norme ISO 9001.

This quality system makes every effort to satisfy our customers:

  • Management’s Responsibility
  • Management of resources
  • Product realization
  • Measurement and continuous improvement Analysis

EN 1090-2 EXC3 :

This certification allows Guerton to affix the CE marking on the steel manufacturing structures.

It is Guerton responsibility to justify the reported performance (dimensional tolerances, weldability, toughness, strength and fire, …) and demonstrate its production control system in the factory (organization, control of processes, personnel qualification, traceability, handling non-conformities, …)

La certification ISO 3834-3/AD 2000 HP0 / TRD 201 :

These certifications show that Guerton has the staff and equipment quality welding.

They take into account the following themes:

  • Quality: nonconformities and corrective actions,
  • Requirements review, technical review
    and outsourcing
  • Organization of workshops and process management
  • Personal Skills
  • Control and calibration